You can help our institution in a standard partnership by offering special, beneficial conditions when purchasing products or services from your company.


Main Sponsor

The company creates a long-lasting bond with the institution to become a long-term sponsor (usually for 3 years) and makes a financial donation. Custom actions can be developed for any company that allows its employees to get involved, bearing in mind its social responsibility policy and strategic goals.


Helping through entrepreneuship

Mentor an entrepreneurial business idea and support its development and implementation in the market. By providing a multidisciplinary team from your company, you will give your employees the chance to be part of a social activity that will help a potential entrepreneur to be successful at a time of challenging socio-economic conditions. It is a great source of motivation which develops teambuilding skills.


Sponsor a Project / Idea / Social Entrepreneur

João was finally called for an interview and is excited about this unmissable job opportunity. However, João receives the Social Integration benefit payment and needs every cent to help his family survive. He hasn’t got any money left to pay for his travel to the interview.

We receive cases like this every day. And because of such a small amount of money, someone misses an opportunity. When we talk about João, we could also be talking about Maria, who needs to take an English course to improve her chances of getting a job, or Manel, who needs to get a driver’s licence in order to be bus driver.

Sponsor a person/idea/project. Make someone happy and give their life new meaning.


Pro bono partnerships

Give your support in kind. If you own computer equipment, furniture etc. in good condition, you can donate it to our institution and help us improve our services, particularly our Employment Services (GIP – Gabinetes de Inserção Profissional) and Entrepreneur Factories (Fábricas do Empreendedor).


Skills Volunteering  

Skills volunteering is a recent idea in business circles and came up as a way of developing and implementing companies’ social responsibility strategies. Skills volunteering means transferring expertise through volunteers who have their own skills. The skills are geared towards the organisational and operational needs of renowned organisations. This helps integrate the volunteers so that they can strengthen and improve the organisations’ performance.

The aim of volunteering actions is to provide an opportunity for company staff to improve their knowledge and awareness to bring real advantages to the businesses and companies they represent. Furthermore, these actions enhance abilities for interaction with stakeholders, which is an important part of the management model related to sustainable development. More than providing financial resources, skills volunteering is a way of transferring knowledge which can make a difference to organisations’ operations and create a truly win-win situation.

Donations in Money

Support our projects. Make your donation by:

Bank transfer

Bank account number 0010 0000 40623920001 15


Payable to SEACoop, CRL and sent to the address Rua Piaget, n.º 47, R/c Esq. – Loja 150, Adroana – 2645-626 Alcabideche – Cascais, Portugal.

Send us an e-mail with your company’s information (name, VAT number, address, e-mail address) so we can issue a receipt for the donation.


Company benefits in Portugal (corporate income tax – IRC): Your donation is considered an expense under Article 62(3)(e) of the Tax Incentives Statute (Estatuto dos Benefícios Fiscais). Patronage Act (Lei do mecenato), Article 62  – More Info



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