The Entrepreneur Factory, Fábrica do Empreendedor, is a support space for employment, training/qualification, business creation, promoting entrepreneurial abilities, stimulating community intervention and area-based revitalisation projects that aim to promote sustainable communities. It incorporates the following activities:

+ Empreende

Integrated and qualified response to support the creation and consolidation of micro-business initiatives with social technology tailored to specific groups, encouraging the emergence of start-ups and boosting the existing micro-economic market using the area’s endogenous resources.


+ Emprego

Empowerment for the labour market through the “personal branding” method, taking companies’ recruitment needs into consideration. Support to build and enhance CVs and active job seeking, among other activities.


Start Lab

Incubation of micro-business initiatives and some informal businesses in the set-up phase: shared spaces, business consulting, advertising, networking, legal and fiscal registration of the business.



We encourage the development of key soft and hard skills for the labour market in specific areas with potential for employability.


In Local

Strengthening cooperation in a network, with a view to creating value from endogenous resources and the joint construction of local answers, with the goal of creating sustainable local solutions that empower individuals, institutions and the community.


+ Negócio

Free services for local companies, organisations and schools:

. Recruitment and employee selection processes.

. Training adapted to employees and business area.

. Information on hiring-support measures.

. Information on criteria for awarding financial support to companies that hire staff using employment contracts.

. Support to revitalise local businesses through company consultancy actions and support for project development.

Fabrica do Empreendedor
Fábrica do Empreendedor Adroana
Rua Piaget, 47 – R/c Esq., Lj. 150
2645-626 Alcabideche
Tel. 21 460 50 38


Fábrica do Empreendedor Marvila
Rua José Alberto Pessoa, Lt. E, Lj. B
B.º Marquês de Abrantes
1950-379 Lisboa
Tel. 21 837 10 91


 Santa Maria Maior +Emprego
Poço do Borratém, 25 – 2º
1100-480 Lisboa
Tel. 21 887 21 99


Fábrica do Empreendedor Agualva-Cacém
Rua Nova do Zambujal, 3
2735-521 Agualva-Cacém
Tel. 21 914 06 21


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