Bringing together the team’s experience and knowledge from the last five years, their expertise is channelled into creating several innovative products and services that aim to fulfil different people’s needs for personal branding training and consultancy. Branding You has specialised in building and developing personal brands since 2007. It is the first not-for-profit institution in the world to develop solutions based on the ”personal branding” method. It is the result of developing and continuing the training and consultancy actions implemented by SEA.

Due to the current national and worldwide landscape, characterised by high unemployment rates and a growing number of self-employed people, a supply of products and services in this field has become essential.

The purpose of Branding You consists of providing training and consultancy services in order to build and develop personal brands. This goal is achieved through three fields of action:

  • Providing training courses and workshops on personal branding;
  • Consultancy on building and developing personal brands;
  • Personal marketing – creating logos, websites, business cards, stationery and brochures.



  • Clarifying and communicating what makes us different and special, understanding our unique attributes and clearly communicating our unique promise of value.


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