In Local is a strategy for revitalising the local area by strengthening collaboration in a network to attempt to improve endogenous resources and jointly create local responses.

In Local aims to create sustainable local solutions that empower individuals, institutions and the community to promote development in the área.

Project Ás de Marvila

Area of intervention: Marvila – Lisbon

Target: Community in general (residents and retailers)

Partners: Consortium:

  • Promoters: SEA and Alfinetes and Salgadas Neighbourhood Residents’ Association;
  • Official partners: Association for the Social and Cultural Development of Marvila (ACULMA), the Sociocultural Association of Residents of the Marquês de Abrantes Neighborhood, the Benfica Foundation, Marvila Parish Council, Latitudes, PRODAC/Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Problem: Several issues were detected in the area, in particular safety issues, vandalism and lack of regard for the áreas.


  • Project developed with a broad network of partners: 4Crescente.
  • Promoting and appreciating the area and local identity
  • Improving quality of life and a sense of belonging.


Project CLDS Cascais

Area of intervention: Adroana, Alcoitão and the Cruz Vermelha neighbourhood

Target: People and organisations in CLDS Cascais areas of intervention.


Project developed with an inter-institutional network: Local organisations with a place in the Network of Organisations for the Development of Adroana (RODA – Rede de Organizações para o Desenvolvimento da Adroana), the Cascais Job Centre and the Alcoitão Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre (part of the IEFP), DNA Cascais, the local group of schools, IPAV, CH Consulting, the Aga Khan Foundation, the K’Cidade programme.


Encouraging local development and social cohesion in CLDS areas of intervention by empowering people and organisations. Within the scope of CLDS, SEA is responsible for two axes of intervention in the employment, entrepreneurship, and empowerment of organisations fields. An integrated, qualified response was created for the local labour market, including employment service actions, adapted training courses, short-term training courses, job seeking techniques, support to create one’s own job, and training in entrepreneurial skills involving local businesses in the insertion process.

With the aim of increasing sustainability, a solution to empower local social organisations was created by supporting the development of at least one social business that is able to generate income from the organisations’ endogenous resources.

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