Pro Bono Conference

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The initiative takes place on 29th October at the Museum of Electricity in Lisbon and aims to boost volunteering movement skills in Portugal, share experiences and best practices applied worldwide and in our country.

The conference is intended to responsible for Corporate Social

Responsibility area, qualified professionals with interest in developing skills Volunteer and Managers of Nonprofit Organizations and is inserted in a world event held annually, the Pro Bono Week, which this year runs from 25 to 31 October.

The event will include the approach of relevant topics for the sector as’ Importance of Pro Bo Bono’,’Definition of Competency Volunteering’,’Choose the right program for your company’,’Management Programs and Evaluation’,’Pro Bono in the world and the trends’, ‘Pro Bono as a strategy to develop talent’, ‘Pro Bono as booster Social Entrepreneurship’ and ‘good practice’.

Free admission with mandatory prior registration in


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