To be a reference institution for designing and developing social entrepreneurship projects that contribute to building a global society that is more enterprising, cooperative and solidary by empowering the population at local level.



The development and implementation of social entrepreneurship projects that contribute to sustainability at social, economic, cultural and environmental levels in order to generate local, integrated development.




We pursue our mission with the utmost professionalism and rigour, seeking continuous improvement and our stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Resilience that transform

We turn problems into challenges by taking a pro-active stance towards organisational events and challenges.


We seek economic, financial, social and environmental balance in our projects, while promoting –not undermining – future generations’ quality of life.


We guarantee equal treatment for all in close relationships that always envisage the common good.


We regularly advertise our activities, which are sustained by strong ethical principles, thus creating relationships with our stakeholders that are based on trust and proximity.


We invest in creating new solutions that have a practical, dynamic application as a source of income to the community.





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